Lists of Neighborhood Projects

Below are lists of our current and future activities, and view some of our past accomplishments.

Current Activities (Help Wanted!)

Here are some of our current (mostly ongoing) activities. If any of these spark your interest, there's usually room for involvement. Some items have bold notes where we have an urgent need for help.

Future Activities (Help Wanted!)

As you can probably tell, our eyes are bigger than our stomach, and we'll need more people involved to accomplish the current and future activities listed here. If any of these projects interest you, or if you have any other ideas for ways to improve the neighborhood, come to a neighborhood meeting or contact any member of the Bay Creek Neighborhood Council and let your thoughts be known.

Past Accomplishments (in reverse chronological order)

These activities were made possible by the hard work of residents that value community, and we deeply appreciate their time and committment.

Contributions of money are equally valued. Your $10 voluntary dues go a long way towards helping the neighborhood become a better place to live. They are voluntary because not everyone can afford $10 every year. Dues can be sent to our treasurer. Neighborhoods like Dugeon-Monroe have 70% dues-paying households, and this really adds up quickly.

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