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Contacting (or be contacted by) Bay Creek residents

There are three methods to connect with Bay Creek residents online. These each have a different focus, outlined below.

  1. The Bay Creek Calendar of Events (on Google Calendar): Learn about and participate in neighborhood events.

    Use your browser to view it on the Bay Creek website or Google's website*, and/or use the Google Calendar app* to view it on your smart phone (* means you'll need a Google account). If you're already using Google Calendar, you can include Bay Creek events in it. You can configure how you want to receive notifications (email, popup, etc.).

    Instructions for adding it to your phone's Calendar app are here. You'll need the calendar's address (cut/paste this); it's:

  2. The Bay Creek Facebook Group: Positive communication, neighborly connections, and information for those living in the Bay Creek Neighborhood.

    You'll use Facebook for this; sign up if you don't have an account. Once you have an account, go to our group and ask to join by clicking "Join Group". Someone will approve your request. Then read what others have posted, or post your own messages/pictures and other neighbors will see them.

  3. The Bay Creek Discussion List (on Yahoo!Groups): Read or post neighborhood news and announcements, or discuss neighborhood issues through the Bay Creek discussion list.

    You'll use email for this list, and here is how it works. After you subscribe to this list, you can send an email message to a single address that will be distributed to all other subscribers. Likewise, when someone else posts a message, you'll receive it via email.

    To subscribe to this, send a blank email message to (or use their website). You'll receive a welcoming message back with instructions, usually within a day, with a confirmation request to which you should respond. Check your SPAM folder if you don't see it. After your membership has been approved, you may post a message by sending email to . Yahoo Groups doesn't notify us of about 7% of new member requests... if you aren't approved within a day, contact the web committee (see below).

    You may want to create an email filter for the list so email doesn't go directly to your inbox... occasionally there is a lot of conversation.

Contacting Members of the Bay Creek Neighborhood Council

The Bay Creek Neighborhood Council consists of officers, area reps, and standing committee chairs/contacts.


Contact PersonJim Kreft509-4917 
Recording SecretaryOPENxxx-yyyy 
TreasurerJudy Robinson469-1218Your suggested $10 annual dues or other donation can be brought to a meeting, or paid through PayPal:

Area Reps

Area 1: Wingra West of Park StreetAbby Davidson-
Area 2: Northwestern RR Tracks East to Olin-Turville ParkKirk Elliott255-5646
Area 3: Northwestern RR Tracks West to Park StreetAllen Arntsen692-4293
Area 4: Central AreaJim Winkle259-1812
Area 5: Tree StreetsBob Lockhart256-0444
Area 6: Romnes ApartmentsJohn Beeman520-7173

Standing Committees

Newsletter CommitteeSara Richards, Managing Editor255-5023
 Sara Richards, Advertising (ad details here)
 Kirk Elliott, Distribution255-5646
Welcoming and Recruitment CommitteeDoug Noot663-8323
Neighborhood Image & Signs CommitteeOPEN 
Planning & Economic DevelopmentCarrie Rothburd and Steve Davis467-7170 and 284-1349
Web CommitteeJim Winkle259-1812
Traffic CommitteeOPEN 
SMPC RepresentativeChair TBD (members of P&ED)

Ad hoc Committees

None at this time.

Contacting Your Representatives in Government


  Title Name & Web site Email Phone
City of Madison Alder (City Council district 13) Sara Eskrich 669-6979
Mayor Paul Soglin 266-4611
County of Dane County Board Member (district 4) Richard Kilmer 255-9131
Executive Joe Parisi 266-4114
State of Wisconsin State Assembly Representive Terese Berceau 266-3784
State Senator Fred Risser 266-1627
Governor Scott Walker 266-1212
National U.S. House of Representatives Marc Pocan Click on "Contact" 258-9800
U.S. Senator Ron Johnson Click on "Contact" 414-276-7282
U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin Click on "Contact" 264-5338


  Title Name & Web site Email Phone
South Metropolitan Planning Council Facilitator Arvin Strange 819-8549
Police department Liaison officer Capt John Patterson 267-8687

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