South Madison Neighborhood Plan

The Plan

Here are two versions of the plan. While you can theoretically click on the links below, it's usually best to right click on a large file, save it to your hard disk, and then open it on your computer.

The plan for the four South Madison neighborhoods is complete! In addition to Bay Creek, this plan includes Bram's Addition, Burr Oaks, and Capitol View Heights. The South Madison Neighborhood Plan establishes guidelines that protect and enhance the quality of life for individuals who live and work within the planning area.

Some of the larger changes proposed in the Bay Creek neighborhood include redevelopment of the Labor Temple area (55 acres bounded by Park, Fish Hatchery, Wingra, and Midland streets) and several blocks of Gilson Street, improvements to Park Street, and a new east-west connection from Cedar Street to Appleton Road.

The plan is quite lengthy, so we made it available on the Bay Creek website and encourage you to peruse it. See the sidebar for the plan. Rose Brothers also has a few copies available; contact her at 256-3812.

These kinds of plans are really used; over ten ideas from the Bay Creek Neighborhood Plan (1991) have been implemented over the past decade.

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