Bay Creek Neighborhood Association

BCNA Meeting Minutes for Monday, August 13, 2001


Officers Present: Candace Pantoga (with Julian Alexander), Amy Turner, Jennifer Zahn

Members Present: Annette Czarnecki, Daina Zemliauskas, Darwin Carpenter, Betty Carpenter, Kirk Elliot, Kyle Richmond, Ben Kadel, Jim Winkle, Bob Lockhart, Judy Amburn, Matt Sloan, Rose Brothers, Bob Stoffs, Elaine Moran

Guests Present: Jodi Wortsman, SMPC Volunteer Coordinator


The meeting began at 6:35 pm.

Facilitator: Jim Winkle

Minute Taker: Jennifer Zahn


MOTION by Ben Kadel to approve the July 9 BCNA minutes. SECOND by Kyle Richmond. Unanimous approval.


Committee Reports:


·      $909.39 total in our account

o    $525.74 in membership

o    $52.95 in newsletter

o    $245.25 in signs

o    $85.45 in web site


Contact Person

Information about the following organizations and services was shared:

·      Urban Space Foundation membership drive information

·      Transportation 2020: meeting Wednesday, August 15, 5-8 pm at the Alliant Energy Center

·      MSCR newsletter

·      WYOU Channel 4 TV guide

·      Neighborhood Conference: Saturday, September 15, 8 am – 3:30 pm, Monona Terrace. Attend workshops; tour the neighborhood of your choice. Childcare available. Neighborhood Association members pay only $15! Special Offer: MGE will pay $200 to the Neighborhood Association with most members registered by August 31st! Sign up today!


Newsletter Committee

·      Next Bulletin will be distributed the first week of October. Articles, photos and drawings due September 7th to Kirk Elliot or Chris Wagner.

·      Suggested articles include something on the South Madison Coalition for the Aging and a photo / scavenger hunt of notable facades / landmarks in our neighborhood.



·      We’re taking the Park Street Forum information forward. In September, volunteer corps will be doing projects and participating in opportunities as mentioned in the earlier report. To get involved, contact the SMPC.



·      Working on creation of a welcome kit, contacting various city services, area businesses and other groups to make this small booklet a reality.

·      Also investigating Block Captain idea & start up for Bay Creek.

·      Next official meeting is Monday, September 10th at 6 pm in the Baha’i Center. 


Alder Update

·      Bridge over Olin Avenue is complete!

·      Meeting on Pedestrian and Bicycle Issues: Monday, August 20, 2001; 7 pm; Brittingham Apts, 755 Braxton Place

·      Quann Park Meeting: date and time TBA. Participants will be able to look at the Quann Park remediation plan and timeline. Check BCNA web calendar for details.

·      Sidewalk repair and replanting will continue next summer.

·      Railroad bridge at Gilson Street: initial design from HNTB will be released next spring. Construction slated to being 2003. May need to push off to 2004 due to questionable status of federal government funding.



·      No reports.


Additional Discussion Items & Updates


Voted in the following neighbors into new area rep positions; Congratulations!

·      Area 2 – still open (though candidates are in mind!)

·      Area 3 – Daina Zemliauskas

·      Area 4 – Candace Pantoga

·      Area 5 – Bob Lockhart


Landscaping Around Neighborhood Signs

Candace Pantoga called VFW (to no avail) and Labor Temple to discuss landscaping needs & wishes. Labor Temple did not want landscaping. BCNA committee decided to let this matter rest. No landscaping around the neighborhood signs.


Community Organizing / October BCNA Meeting Preparation

Jodi Wortsman led a discussion on how to improve volunteer involvement for our October 8th BCNA meeting (was September, but we moved the traffic topic to October and will try to move Hearts & Hands discussion to either September or November). Full notes from her session are here. Highlights from this session include:

·      Matt Sloan is contacting Madison traffic engineer.

·      Keep BCNA business in the meeting, but keep it short and move this section to the end.


MOTION by Kyle Richmond to extend the August BCNA by 15 minutes. SECOND by Annette Czarnecki. Unanimous approval.


Continue discussion of October BCNA meeting.

·      Committees and officers should keep updates short and to the point: what we did; what we’ll focus on next; how you can get involved.

·      Committees should bring task lists & desired timelines to share with new volunteers.

·      Write front-page BCNA Bulletin article highlighting traffic discussion at October meeting.

·      Consider this an annual membership meeting. Traditionally, our annual meeting had been in February with officer & committee elections, but attendance is very low during that time of year.

·      Everyone bring a snack item.

·      Matt Sloan will see if he can call an official city meeting on south side traffic issues.

·      Need to research what the old BCNA traffic committee did so we can have a task list and responsibilities for those interested in resurrecting the committee.

·      Matt Sloan, Jennifer Zahn, Candace Pantoga and Daina Zemliauskas will meet September 5th at 8 pm, 118 W Lakeside Street (home of Jennifer Zahn), to prepare materials & flow of evening for the October BCNA meeting.


Next Facilitator: Kyle Richmond

Next Meeting: Monday, September 10th, 6:30 pm, Madison Baha’i Center, 324 W Lakeside Street


The August BCNA meeting adjourned at 7:50 pm.

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