Monday August 13, 2001


Having the traffic meeting on October 8 to get more people to come to the meeting and once they are there to get them involved and to volunteer. 


It was thought more people do not come because of inertia.  That is the barrier inertia.  To get people to come it was thought important to have Alderman Matt Sloan send a letter to certain individuals on his traffic list; flyers; Bay Creek Newsletter; and also the personal touch.  People at the August 13 meeting agreed that they each ask some people to attend the meeting 


Jennifer, Matt, Candace will work on the program for the evening.  It was discussed that the evening would basically be: 


The business portion of meeting would be about 15 minutes. During this portion of the meeting each committee would provide a summary that addressed the following questions: Where have they been?  What they have done?  Goals for next year?  Volunteer opportunities?    There would be sign up sheets for the committees. 


The rest of the meeting would be the traffic topic. 


The food of choice is snack food.


More Meeting Minutes

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