Bay Creek Neighborhood Association

BCNA Meeting Minutes for Monday, April 9, 2001


Officers Present: Steve Davis, Treasurer

Members Present: Darwin Carpenter, Betty Carpenter, Bob Lockhart, Ben Kadel, Matt Sloan, Rose Brothers, Anonymous, Annette Czarnecki, Jim Winkle, Bonnie Schmidt, Maureen XXX

Guests: Jodi Wortsman, South Metropolitan Planning Council (SMPC), Mike XXX, Community Adolescent Project (CAP)


The meeting began at 6:40 pm.

Facilitator: Jim Winkle

Minute Taker: Bonnie Schmidt; typist: Jennifer Zahn


Committee Reports


·       $460.81 in membership

·       ($35.08) in newsletter

·       $85.45 in web site


Contact Person

Documents and news shared about the following organizations and events:


Some Discussion on the Following:












Announcements / Discussion

BCNA Volunteer Recruitment Program

Jodi Wortsman, volunteer coordinator for the SMPC, presented a compilation of last month’s brainstormed ideas. These notes are available online. The group performed an activity that generated many ideas of how to strengthen the BCNA volunteer program. We then created a list naming the effects of a stronger volunteer program. At the May 2001 BCNA meeting, we will prioritize our volunteer opportunities and ideas.


Sidewalk Repair, Street Resurfacing and Lead Pipe Replacement in Bay Creek
Bay Creek neighbors received a notice from the City listing general costs for these repairs. City will mark sidewalks that need repair and will notify homeowners with specifics. The city will not mark sidewalks on streets scheduled for resurfacing through 2003. These streets will be excluded from sidewalk repair until resurfacing occurs. Matt Sloan, Alder, is talking with the City to coordinate lead pipe and sidewalk replacement. For the latter, the city will pay about ½ of the replacement; quotes are coming in much lower than anticipated. For the Olin area, prices came in at $750 per home, with the City paying $300. The goal is to coordinate all of these repair efforts to avoid unnecessary duplication of charges and labor.

Trees and Sidewalk Replacement
For those neighbors with trees in the city-owned  terraces: if your beloved old-growth tree has caused sidewalk shifts, cracks or lifting, you don’t have to lose your tree to the city arborist during sidewalk replacement; there is recourse! One option is to have the trees roots shaved by city crews to prevent future sidewalk breakage.

Olin Bridge Steps
There was a concern raised about the steps at the Olin Avenue bridge over the rail tracks. The bridge will be replaced with an at-grade crossing in 2003. The city is unlikely to invest in major repair until then.


Community Adolescent Project (CAP)

Mike from the Community Adolescent Project (CAP) gave a brief presentation on their graffiti removal crew/youth empowerment program. They are having a raffle, the proceeds will buy supplies for this program.


Next Meeting Facilitator: Ben Kadel

The meeting adjourned at an unknown time, but well before 8:00 pm based on the fact that’s when I biked by and no one was there! JZ

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