Notes from Volunteer Program discussion on 4-9-01



We discussed the issue to strengthen the volunteer program of the neighborhood association. 



We brainstormed activities that cause a volunteer program to become stronger. 

            Find barriers that keep people from volunteering and bring down barriers


            Ask people to come to meeting

Pay—give people something in exchange for volunteer time.  One idea was something like Madison Hours.  Have businesses donate and when volunteers give some time they get a “dollar” to use at local business. 

Welcome wagon so people can learn about neighborhood and community

Find out common issues/common problems/serious changes people want in the community that people might want to rally around

Volunteer drive

Offer talks/forums that might interest people

Find out and utilize the skills and assets of the neighbors

Craft shed summer program

Neighborhood Association does fun things so people have great time and want to get involved—one suggestion potlucks

Orientation—great way for people to get to know each other and establish a unified commitment

Keep burnout away—check in to see how people are doing, thank people, provide support and recognition

Have projects for volunteers to do



We brainstormed about what would be the effects of a stronger volunteer program for the neighborhood association. 

         Better relations between neighbors

         Safer neighborhood

         More useful projects could be done with more volunteers

         Create community

         No one would feel overwhelmed from too much volunteer time

         People feel less isolation in community

         More food potlucks

         Community would have more resources (Neighborhood might be able to influence the city for more resources, but also more resources garnered from the volunteer power)

         Neighborhood association could influence city



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