Bay Creek Minutes for the November Meeting 11/10/03

Ben stated in advance that he would record our meeting unless anyone objected, for his research concerning meetings and how they happen. There were no objections.

Facilitator: Jim Winkle had us introduce ourselves and tell the percentage of years we've lived in the neighborhood.

Treasurer Report: Total- $1,187.97

Membership- $367.81

Newsletter -$179.05

Sign- $913.76

Website $85.45

Newsletter news: The deadline for submissions is 11/14, Contact Judy Robinson.

Minutes accepted, exceptions were Annette's Neighborhood Conference petition (un-signed) to present it again. And the Art's Grant was not granted yet.

Contact Person:

Annette proposed a thought, for the big draw Water meeting to be held in spring. The

Red Cross asks us to nominate Real Heroes; in March there will be an honoring celebration.

There is a public meeting on 11/17; the city is interested in building a Water Utility Plant at property, 119 Olin Ave.

The Community Enhancement Grant for Sasha Koehm was denied at this time. We were asked to reapply by 1/5/04.

SMPC: At the Catholic Multicultural Center, the Grassroots College is now enrolling. You will learn to be active and effective as an activist. For the info meeting childcare will be available.

Plans for Park St. will be avail. at year end.

There is a focus shift to expand on ways to involve neighbor to neighbor for a more open feeling during meetings.

Jim Winkle's New Website: <>

This connects people locally to strengthen neighborhoods and live more sustainable.

Check it out. If you have ideas for grant writing or ways to make it work, contact Jim or Mark. Contact through the BC website or 259-0666

Two people from the Poultry Underground Bryan and Alicia spoke to us about keeping Hens. They have a big interest in changing the current state of urban poultry in Madison to the status of Seattle. Their goal is: to change existing law by allowing 3 hens per household. Some neat things that Seattle does is yearly chicken tours (similar to garden tours), city classes 101, and advanced coop building. The big picture was that the CU came to inform and wanted an endorcement from our neighborhood. Ben and others suggested the underground petition first, then move for a referendum.

Any questions contact, Bryan and Alicia at 258-9732.

Spaghetti Dinner Details from 10/25/03

$ 95.00 to defray from organizers

$ 100.00 Sign Committee

$ 565.00 Spaghetti Dinner (served 110)

- $ 135.00 cost

$ 400.00 raised in extra donations

A huge Thank You from Bonnie Winkle to the Spaghetti Dinner helpers.

She wanted to suggest for next year that Senior and Childrens'tickets be the same price. Another idea was if we solicit desserts to make them free.

For his senior project UW Landscape Design student Sasha Koehn wants to construct a plan to enhance Bay Creek with our cultural past remembered. With input from the neighborhood and using historical info we all started to get an idea of what we'd like. We want to have Sasha back, and form a committee to work with him.

Suggested projects were: Bernie's Beach-improvements to appearance, distinct retail district, Wingra Creek -improve shoreline, Gilson St.- screening fence, Labor Temple ideas, identify mounds, Haywood trolley, gazebo & bubbler on Olin, flowers along the bike path, anything for business/residence on Gilson, Bike path by Schmidt's, Fish Hatchery Tromp'loi, and a mural on Milk Plant.

If you have questions or more ideas call 347-1825 or email: snkoehn@wisc.weo <mailto:snkoehn@wisc.weo>

We voted to extend the meeting.

Ben gave an update on Park St. he stated that the City Budget is going to slash the $2.5 million they allotted for Park. He asked people to come in support of all the work and planning that has been done for Park St. already. You can speak and/or sign amendments 6&7 Tuesday, 6PM, at the City County Building.

Kirk made a comment that if people get their hair cut at Shear Elegance you would have a different point of view towards the business as he does.

Next weeks' facilitator: Judy Robinson

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