The Minutes of Aug.11, 03    Bay Creek Neighborhood Association

Facilitator: Candace


1.Reading of the Minutes

2.Contact Person:

            AARP Active for Life Campaign is offering step counters for use with their program, info available through Amy.

            Madison Public Health is out there keeping us safe and they want us to be aware of that fact. Some resent programs have been, dealing with the mosquito problems- larva in only 4 days! Tobacco Venders prohibiting sales to minors- MPH would like us to thank these vendors for their efforts to protect minors. MPH also helps the community through extensive programs concerning Animal Control.

            There are Grants available, Neighborhood Leadership and Organizing Enhancement Grants- Due Sept. 21, contact Amy.

3. Newsletter: Sept.11 will be the deadline for submissions to the Oct/Nov newsletter, contact Judy Robinson. We are happy to announce that Renee Meiller is the new copy person.

4. The Sign Committee is still working on the grant we received.

5. Kyle gave his shinning approval for a Spaghetti Dinner Fund Raiser. It looks like Romnes is the location for our big dinner, which happens the end of October. A Pancake Breakfast at St. Marks is being talked about also.

6. The Ice Cream Social is happening Aug. 31st from 1-3, Fun Fun Fun at Bernie’s Beach. Candace is the orchestrator of this event. The city will provide tables. Bring a topping to share. Donations will be accepted.

Ideas for advertising the event are: make up flyers for newsletter people to disperse, area reps can spread event information, we can also use the on-line minutes report.

7. The Quan Community Garden is beautiful; everyone is welcome to check it out.

8. Bike Path Update: The Ped. Bike, and Motor Commission granted Jim Winkle’s

Request to improve safety at the Fish Hatchery crossing. The results were stellar in that now we are getting a fancy walk count down light, and signs of yield are up already. A media blitz followed, an interview on WORT, a story in the Cap. Times and lead story on Channel 3, all carried the Bay Creek news.

9. Kyle’s Report: Fitchburg’s neighborhood dev. needs support. The PD and Fitchburg bike trail need help with a dangerous area of road.

Friends of Monona Bay: Had Ken Potter speak about Storm Water Managment, the NW watershed and the weed problem. Kyle said he could set up a seminar with people from Lakes and Waters. FOMB will possibly talk about water quality, rain gardens, phosphorus banning, and storm water run off.

Other: It has been reported that not everyone is getting the newsletter.


For the March Meeting the theme will be Water. Also it could be a multi-neighborhood meeting. We will talk at the Sept. meeting to solidify this idea.


            The next Spaghetti Dinner Meeting is at Amy’s house, Thursday, Aug. 28th, 8pm, 625 Emerson St. (Event date is 10/25/03,Sat. 4-7) Interested in helping? Contact Amy


The Secretary will hold our Neighborhood Header, for business contacts.


            Next Facilitator: for the Sept 8th meeting will be Kirk.


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