Bay Creek Meeting 7/14/03

 Facilitator: Jane Smith



Upcoming Events/ Info.

SMPC-Strategic Planning Process-Polling as to a direction for Mon. meeting.

Community Enhancement Grant-We’re first but need $ for matching.

Ice Cream Social- Fund Raiser, for back to school all ages

            Bernie’s Beach

            Ask city to deliver picnic tables

            Sunday afternoon 1-3pm

Wingra Drive Bike Path Resolution passed! Yeah to Jim Winkle for all his efforts!

AARP- Walk ability Study for neighborhood

            Looking for volunteers-to walk 1 mile

            Short time commitment, can work in teams

            Maps with possible color codes: Strollers, wheelchairs, and sm. children

            Looking for different destinations

            Intersection- visibility

            Orientation- estimation- 10 hr. commitment

Transportation-Park St. and other neighborhoods

Ties in with other programs: safe community collation, walk your kids to school.

Being first, we could get publicity on a HOT SPOT!

Opportunity to get fit and help neighborhood, Min 6-8 people needed

If interested contact, Bonnie Schmidt

Big Interest in Bay Creek Spaghetti Dinner Fund Raiser for our Banners

            Menu: Spaghetti, salad, bread, drink

            Copps –donation involvement?

            Include kids as wait staff etc.

            Possibly St. Marks as location

Cost 3.50- 12 yrs. 5.00 adult

People interested in looking into it: Amy, Ben, Bonnie, and Peg

Romnes resident Association- Election in Sept.

The Statue is being taken care of.

One baby cup- unclaimed after 4th picnic


Committee Reports

Treasurer- At present, 8 people have paid their $3 dues for this year.

Newsletter- Next newsletter is coming out the 1st week in Aug.

Sign Committee- Working out the kinks with the banners, need matching funds.

Website- Sm. Monthly fee, comes from funds

Copps- Neighborhood is concerned with new ownership and want to build a friendly relationship. MSNPC was consulted, they suggest the best way to proceed is to start a relationship w/ Copps and ask them to participate.

Possible connections for Park St., Food Pantries, and Farmers Market

            Any other topics for meeting, contact- Ben Kendal

Next Facilitator: Candace


More Meeting Minutes

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