Bay Creek Monthly Monday Meeting Minutes from 6/9/03

Facilitator: Ben Kadel


Upcoming events

1) Stake in the Lakes- June 21, Annual Cleanup event

            It will involve Friends and Sierra Club cleanup around Bay through the afternoon.

            Food will be donated by Sponsors-a FUN EVENT


2) Better Lawns and Gutters Tour- June 15


3) Safe Lawns- Yard signs available, canvassers will be coming around to see if you’d like to know about safer lawn care.


4) BC Association OK’d that a table be set up for Safe Lawns, during 4th of July Annual Picnic


Contact Person

1) The Red Cross- needs office support volunteers


2) Officer McCoy- discussed the resent break-ins and how we may prevent them. Targeted items seem to be: computers, and playstations. No clues so far, but we are reminded to BE AWARE OF THINGS GOING ON, CALL POLICE IF SOMETHING SEEMS SUSPIOUS.


Sign Committee

Received Grant for banners, project will take time.



Aug/Sept. Deadline for submissions is July 11, contact Judy Robinson


People are interested in reading safety tips in newsletter and on web.


Quan Park

Ideas for Birdhouses


Concerns for the Kohl’s workers

Rumor vs. Facts

There is interest in inviting Copps and a Union rep. to our meeting and make it informational rather than confrontational.



Ben asked us to brainstorm about the Park St. revitalization: Teaching Leadership skills, Positive Energy, Quality People, Organizing People and Meetings, Core- Group Committed.

How could we (SMCP) be more successful?

Have businesses on Park more involved, Trees for walkers on Park St., Traffic islands on Lakeside St., Higher profile for South Side, Tie foot traffic on Park with businesses, Positive issue to focus on for area. It would be nice to have a Fest like Marquette with the city, diverse ages, music and food. More power to recruit for preferred businesses.


July 14, Next Facilitator- Jane Smith


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