Bay Creek Meeting Minutes 5/12/2003


Facilitator: Maureen Quinlan


1.      Welcome

2.      Reports

a.       A new restaurant will be moving into where the China House is currently.  It will feature Indian cuisine.  They are applying to transfer the liquor license.  They will not have a bar but will serve alcohol with food.

b.      There will be a Dads Dropins Tuesday nights at the Harambee Center

c.       A letter from the area alderperson requests that employees of businesses in the area of Franklin school park away from the businesses in the area to provide more parking spaces for customers.

d.      For those that have comments on the plans to improve Wingra Creek, there will be another meeting and comments can also be sent to

3.      South Madison Planning Council

a.       The third design forum was held May 6.  About 60-70 people attended.  There was a greater representation of business people this time.

b.      Development guidelines are available for review at the South Madison Library.  People can still submit comments.

c.       SMPC has a new website .  There is a calendar, projects page, and an online version of Southern Exposure.

d.      There will be an event at the Alliant Energy Center Nov. 2 to start “broad based organizing.”  This helps get groups such as churches, community groups, and unions working together to create a more powerful voice for positive change.

4.      Alder Report

a.      Harleyfest scheduled to take place after the Bluesfest at Olin Park has been cancelled.

b.      Ballots for the Lakeside Street traffic calming measures are out.

c.   The new rail crossing on Olin Avenue is on schedule.  There will be plantings to replace what was torn up along Rowell Street.

d.      Lakeside Liquor Store is for sale.  This will be an opportunity to address possible issues with the store.

5.      The neighborhood yard sale is scheduled for May 31.  This is the same date as the Race for the Cure.  The race will be run down Lakeside Street.  If you would like to have a sale and be included on the list, contact Christina or Michael Kantor by May 24th; by e-mail,, or call 256-9672. Give them your full name, address, phone number, a list of the items for sale and whether or not you want a yard sign delivered. 


If you don't want to have a sale at your house but have items to get rid of, consider donating them. All donated items will be placed in a 'donate-what-you-wish area' and the proceeds go to BCNA.  You can contact Amy Turner at 250-0480.

6.      Copps Grocery Store was discussed again.  There may be a meeting with representatives from Copps sometime after they open to discuss their plans and neighborhood desires.  This could involve other neighborhood groups as well.

7.      An idea was brought up to hold a “block party” on the new Olin Avenue after it is completed but before it is opened.  Everyone seemed to think this was a good idea.

8.      July 4th neighborhood potluck at Franklin Field.  Bring a dish to pass and if you want to donate a dessert.  Pieces of dessert will be sold for a dollar with proceeds going to BCNA.

9.      The Odyssey Program will begin in Sept. This is a program for participants to get a start on college with free classes.  This will meet in the Harambee Center.  The first class will be a humanities course.  People completing the class will receive 6 credits.  The project is looking for about 30 students.  The program is geared toward underprivileged adults.



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