Bay Creek Monthly Meeting - Minutes 4/14

 Facilitator: Maureen Quinlan



      Secretary read the min. from last meeting, generously recorded by Jeff Swiggum. Approved. 

     Peg filling in for Amy- Contact Person 

     a. Earth Day Challenge Bernie's Beach, April 19, 2003, 10am-12noon

     b. Gardening? check out the Plant/Seed exchange program under the programs section

     c. Quann Community Garden sign up Sat. Apr. 26, 11am -1pm, S. Madison Pub. Library

     d. Slow Down Campaign 4/28- 5/2, 2003 website info:

     e. Slow Down Lakeside, Ballots soon to come out.

     f.  Pedestrian-Bicycle Meeting April 29, 2003, 6PM in room 260 Madison Municipal Building, 215 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Our     BayCreek recommendation, proposed by Jim Winkle, is up for review (item# 33182) looks as if we are first that night-items for action.

    g. Tues. May 6, 6:30pm, Friends of Monona Bay, 124 S. Brooks St, Rm 1, Info at 250-5147 (1st Tuesday ea. mo.)

     h. Sat. May 10, 9-2pm Native Plant Sale, U.W. Arboretum Visitor Center, 1207 Seminole Hwy

     i.  on., May 12, 6:30pm, BCNA General Meeting

     j.  May 24, the last day to be included in the yard sale list, compiled by Christina or Mike Kantor,, or call 256-9672

     k. Sat., May 31, BCNA Annual Yard Sale, 8am--2pm (Rain date- June 7), Businesses were approached about joining in.

     l.  St. Mark's may have an Ice Cream Social, May 31

    m. Stake in the Lakes, Lake Mendota, Lake Kegonsa & Lake Wingra, June 14, 2003

     n.  Stake in the Lakes, Lake Monona & Lake Waubesa, June 21, 2003

 3. Treasurer-Balances: $351.74 membership, $434.30 newsletter, $245.25 sign, $85.45 website

4. Newsletter Corrections

      a. Secretary- Cindy Snyder

      b. Area 1- Open

      c. Area 4- Open

      d. Welcoming Committee- Julie Campbell

5. Newsletter, New Issue for June/July, May 7 deadline   

6. Concern for Kohl's staff was expressed at the meeting. Discussed were: the ideas of a nonunion atmosphere, employed Kohl workers may not all be eligible for employment with Copps, we are fortunate to have a neighborhood grocery,  investment concerns & keeping the core knowledge base, BC supports this type of business.

 7. Quann Community Gardens discussed: water, learning, sun, outreach to all areas, new vandal prevention ideas! Great Opportunity! see contact seg. above for more info.

 8. Jim Winkle is on the mend after a skiing accident, pies are part of his holistic healing method. If you should have any extra pies, send to 620 Pine St.

 9. Friends of Monona Bay- Stake in the Lakes, party in Brittingham Shelter, June 21, contact person Jeff Swiggum. See above for meeting info.

 10. St. Mary's 10 yr. Committee - rep. Al Schwoegler, he is very interested and excited to have an impact on this project! St. Mary's is expanding down to Park St., they plan to take out housing, 2 story addition approved, they own housing on Erin, the committee has met once so far.

 11. Park St. project in big brainstorming mode, still interested in bringing people together for input.

 12. Friends of Lake Wingra Meeting April 25, Edgewood.

 13. Olin bridge is coming down.

 14. No facilitator for next time.




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