Bay Creek Minutes from the Feb 10 Meeting
Facilitator- Jane Smith
Minutes were approved from last meeting
Attendees approved not to have extra copies of min.made for the meeting, this was seconded
Wingra Creek Meeting, Feb 19, 7 PM, St. Martin House
Treasurer's total-$864.46
No response about raising rates from advertisers
SMPC Community Initiatives Grant
Projects that build Community
35,910 awarded last year!
Due Date 3/14 Friday
Focus on youth programs and bringing people together
3/7 Deadline for submitting
Articles and photos can go to the Managing Editor, Judy R.
Web Report- OK
Alder Update
St. Mary's project approved
Volunteer wanted-We need to appoint people for this meeting from BC. Interim reps: Dave Vogel and Al Schwoegler. Greenbush has appointed their reps.
Magical Child is expanding, Potter St.
939 Park St.- latest interest Klinke Cleaners!
They would demolish the building and rebuild
Fish Hatchery Intersection Meeting-Mad. Municipal Building Rm 260, 4th Tue-Feb 25th, Ped. Islands?
Blues Fest/ Harley Fest back to back, Promoter wants a 10 PM maybe 10:30 PM endtime.
2 Grants
Metro Grant- Bus stop bench, and Bike rack in front of Stamp Store(?)
we pay 20% of cost, neighborhood owes Metro $100 as of now for the bench
We need to apply again for the bike rack, we tabled it for tonight and will think about it next meeting
Community Enhancement Grant- Archie, city contact person
Candace said we have to reapply for the same grant, pretty much set up-will resubmit, she thinks we should buy as many banners as money allows-for later replacement
Cargo Coffee will be here 1 year!
Jim Winkle wants to unload some of his many jobs, up for grabs are: Newsletter distribution at 15 drop off spots, on a Friday noon to 4 PM
Maintaining the garden at the sculpture- 1 hr. ev. mo. trimming shrubs and caring for perennials,
utilizing free plants from the city (volunteered a decade for this one )
Post Meeting Min. and Police reports, Julie Campbell wants this one
Rummage Sale-Maureen and others thought Spring would be best, May?. Candace will hand out signs again. A notice will be in the next news letter
Ben Kadel wants to record and collect data of our meetings for his research, we support his research effort.
Contact Person- Amy Turner
Treasurer- Maureen
Area Reps-
Wingra W. of Park- OPEN
NW RR. tracks NW to Turville- Jane Smith
Lakeside to S. Shore- Al Schwoegler
Lakeside and Olin- Candace Pantoga
Tree Streets- Bob Lockhart
Romnes- Peg Christiansen
Welcoming Committee- Julie Campbell
SMPC- Candace Pantoga
Sign Committee- Candace Pantoga
Cindy Snyder
Planning Committee- OPEN
Web Committee- Jim Winkle
Managing Co. Editor- Judy R.
Unanimous approval for offices and adjourning the meeting
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