Bay Creek Neighborhood Association

Meeting Minutes for Monday, January 13, 2003


Shorthand of the Minutes, Jan. 13, 03

The Potluck Meeting, lead by Jim Winkle

There will be a Mayoral Forum at the Catholic Multicultural Center
1862 Beld St., Jan. 27, Mon. 7-9
* 4 leading candidates
* 9 neighborhoods involved
* Chance to meet candidates
* Opportunity for feedback

Volunteer opportunity for sound system helpers
Volunteers needed for chair setup, 6-6:15

The printer of our newsletters has raised rates; this is a good time to research other printers.
We voted to raise the bulletin rates for advertising.
Kurt volunteered to do the research.

It was discussed that officers and area reps should show up at monthly meetings.

The next newsletter is due out in early Feb. There will be two new delivery people Maurine and Cindy for recently opened “routes.”

The Lakeside traffic-calming meeting is Jan. 23, the city will present. Many people are concerned about Olin St. closing and the impact on Lakeside.

Committee Report
Safe Lawns Clean Lakes, explores alt. methods to pesticide use.
The Baycreek Site has a link for programs, and information on lawn care, etc.

The Treasurer reported total funds of $612.52

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