Bay Creek Neighborhood Association

Meeting Minutes for Monday, December 9, 2002

Brief Seconds - Minutes from the Bay Creek Neighborhood meeting on 12/9

Too late to participate in a Mayoral Forum, but we could still do posters, 
Red Cross- Hero Award-nominations?
We are applying again for the Community Enhancement Grant
           Thinking of new light poles for our banners
           Grant $ will pay 1/2 of the cost towards our planned ideas
        Meeting Th Jan. 9, deadline for the grant is Feb.24
Are newsletters being delivered?
Total in Treasury $720.
Newsletter- Article ideas, pictures, and illustrations always welcome
St. Mary's is adding 3 stories, there will be neighborhood meetings to help 
with relationships
Erin & Park St.- Due to high volume of traffic this crossing is dangerous. 
Matt is working on a letter of support.
Pot Luck next meeting- 5:30, BYO plates and "silverware"
Matt Sloan is able to donate plates and plasticware L/O from a function
Alder Report-Traffic Calming $ doubled
                              Leaving barrels up till Jan. 23
                              Matt will post info. of data on website
                 Secured- 1/2 million for Park St. improvements
                    Wingra Creek- 1 million to clean up creek, canoeing, 
etc., Organizing meeting in Jan.
* Jim Winkle wrote up a problem/solution letter to the City for the 
Wingra/Fish Hatchery bike path, wonderful ideas from many people compiled 
the letter, like: alerting of the dangers, make eye contact with drivers 
before you cross, yellow flashing light on top of sign, flags, Policemen. A 
motion to send as a letter from the neighborhood was seconded.

Safe Community Coalition Grant, Annette has the info.,deadline Jan. 31, a 
worthy idea (Monroe St. used this $ for flags)
New playground grant - People For The Parks. A steering committee may fund that.

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