Bay Creek Neighborhood Association

Meeting Minutes for Monday, November 11, 2002

All those present:
Michael Kantor, Dave Vogel, Elaine Moran, Bob Lockhart (Area 5 Rep.),
Theresa MacDonald, Peg Christensen, Amy Turner (Contact Person), Maureen
Quinlan (Treasurer and facilitator), Jeff Swiggum, Bonnie Schimdt, Kevin
Gnobskopf, Matt Sloan, Ben Kadel, Daina Zemliauskas (Area 3 Rep.)

Meeting convened at 6:37 pm after a round of introductions at The Space
Place, Park Street, Madison
Maureen Quinlan facilitating, Daina Zemliauskas taking minutes

The Bay Creek Neighborhood Association's January meeting (January 13, 2003!)
will be a pot-luck affair at the Ba'Hai Center.  Note the earlier start time
of 5:30, with eats until 6:30 at which time our general meeting will begin.
This info will be included in the next neighborhood newsletter.

CONTACTS:  Amy Turner -  Received a letter from Harry Richardson, a
representative for Bert Zipperer, a candidate for Mayor in the upcoming
elections.  He expressed interest in either Mr. Zipperer or a spokesperson
attending one of Bay Creek's general meetings to present the candidate's
views.  MOTION by Elaine Moran to request that Bert Zipperer himself present
to our meeting and not a representative.  Supported by Peg Christensen.
DISCUSSION:  Instead of having just one candidate, we should consider having
all candidates attend at a special forum.  (South Metropolitan Planning
Council (SMPC) may be hosting a forum for this purpose in the near future.)
Mike Kantor, Matt Sloan, Peg Christensen, Bonnie Schmidt, and Daina
Zemliauskas volunteered to help in organizing the candidate forum event.
VOTE on motion on floor:  a resounding NAY (unanimous).  New MOTION put
forth by Bonnie Schmidt - Bay Creek should sponsor/help sponsor a forum for
the mayoral candidates before February's primaries with the help of the
above mentioned five people.  Supported by Jeff Swiggum.  No further
discussion. VOTE - unanimous AYE.
    "Southern Exposure" is a new SMPC newsletter and should be in the mail
soon.  Some have already received a copy, though it is being reworked to
accomodate mailing cost considerations.  It is available now at Cargo
    MATC/UW/Edgewood College are cosponsoring a southside campus and are
looking for suggestions re: campus offerings.
    City Planning and Development meeting, Nov. 18 at 6 pm, City-County
Bldg. for "conditional use" at 815 Plaenert Drive  (Dean Medical property
near Wright Middle School).  Spectrasite Communications would like to extend
the height of an existing communications tower by 22.5 feet.  Matt Sloan
assures us that there are no negative health effects in extending the tower.
    Park Street Forum to "design a visually pleasing and socially
stimulating Main Street of the southside" will be holding its second in a
series of meetings on Wednesday, Dec. 4 from 6:30 - 8:30 pm at the Madison
Labor Temple, 1602 South Park.

TREASURER'S REPORT:  Maureen Quinlan - $664.42 in treasury; $345.74
membership; $245.25 signs; $85.45 website; (-)$12.02 newsletter

NEWSLETTER: (Kirk Elliott not present) deadline for Dec/Jan issue was
November 8.  $12.02 deficit might be due to late billing for ads.  Maureen
Quinlan has recently become the ad coordinator and will soon catch up.

ALDER REPORT:  Matt Sloan -
    *Rick Flowers, owner of 1821 S. Park St. has applied for a liquor
license for a neighborhood club and restaurant.   The Alcohol License Review
Board is scheduled to consider the application in December, but it may be
deferred until Jan. due to parking issues.  Matt Sloan has advised the Board
to defer.  57 person capacity for present parking situation.  Mr. Flowers
would like his club to hold a capacity of 99 persons which would require a
variance for an additional 20 parking stalls.  Upcoming meetings will be
posted on the Bay Creek website.
    *A meeting concerning the Quann Park dog run will take place on Nov. 18
at 6:30pm at the Southside Branch of the Madison Library.
    *On Dec. 5, there will be a meeting regarding the Wingra Creek work
funded in this year's city budget.  Location TBA
    *In Feb. 2003 there will be a meeting concerning the bridge on Olin -
contractor will have been chosen by then.
    *On Nov. 25, there will be an opening celebration for St. Martin House,
near Park House Apartments.
    *City Budget meeting Nov. 12.  Matt Sloan and Mayor Sue Bauman
introduced the provision for $500,000 designated for Park Street.
    *UPDATE - To date, no one has submitted a letter to Matt concerning the
intersection of Wingra and Fish Hatchery Rd.  In order to have action taken,
Matt needs to present letters of concern to the City Council.

    FRIENDS OF MONONA BAY:  in the fact-finding stage.  Next meeting, Nov.
19 at 853 South Shore Drive.  With questions call Jeff Swiggum, 257-0049

    ROMNES APARTMENTS:  Daina Zemliauskas met with Arletta Leverette
(president of the Romnes Apt. residents) last week.  Due to time constraints
on her schedule, Arletta asked that Daina include the apartments in her
"area 3 representation" which runs south to Lakeside St.  Apparently,
by-laws would have to be ammended to acheive this.  Peg Christensen, a
resident of Romnes in attendance of tonight's meeting, may volunteer to
represent the apartments.  She will speak with Arletta and attend one or two
more Bay Creek meetings before making a decision.
    ST. MARY'S EXPANSION:  Kevin Gnobskopf handed out a "Memorandum of
Understanding Summary" regarding the expansion, but did not present.  He is
hoping for an agreement from the neighborhood (Bay Creek and Greenbush) this

    NEXT BAY CREEK MEETING:  to be held at the usual digs at the Ba'Hai
Center at 6:30 pm on Dec. 9, 2002.  Jeff Swiggum will facilitate.

    Meeting adjourned at 7:50 pm.

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