Bay Creek Neighborhood Association

Meeting Minutes for Monday, October 14, 2002

Officers, Members and Guests Present: Judy Amburn, Betty Carpenter, Darwin Carpenter, Kirk Elliot (newsletter), Ben Kadel, Michael Kantor, Christina Kantor (facilitating), Chick Lillis, Theresa MacDonald, Candace Pantoga, Maureen Quinlan (treasurer), Kyle Richmond, Judy Robinson, Matt Sloan (alder), Jane Smith, Cindy Snyder, Amy Turner (contact), Daina Zemliauskas

  1. Meeting convened at 6:35pm, Christina Kantor facilitating, Mike Kantor taking minutes.

  2. Announcements
    • There is an Eco-Team forming.
    • This Wednesday there is a meeting with Mayor Sue Baumann, at 7pm, 2202 S. Park (Harambee Center).
    • October 22nd at 6 pm there's a meeting to discuss a proposed "neighborhood club and restaurant" at 1821 S. Park Street. The proposer is Rick Flowers, who lives on Beld and owns the laundromat. He wants to open a nightclub, wants liquor license and cabaret license.

  3. Contact Committee, Amy Turner
    • We got a postcard from Jennifer Zahn.
    • Madison Gas and Electric is sponsoring a "neighborhood roundtable" on Saturday, November 2nd, from 8am to noon. Learn about public/private partnerships that help neighborhood activities. There's a $5 registration fee.
    • Wisconsin Public Television is seeking volunteers for a pledge drive, and trying to entice them with the possibility of appearing on TV.

  4. Treasurer's Report, Maureen Quinlan
    Web Site$85.40
    The negative amount in the newsletter account is nothing to worry about: it's a fluke of timing since we have paid for the printing of the most recent newsletter, but haven't yet collected the ad revenue.

  5. Newsletter, Kirk Elliott. The deadline for the December/January issue is November 8th.

  6. South Madison Planning Commission Update, Candace Pantoga
    • On September 25th there was a public forum at the Labor Temple, with about 100 people. The SMPC is working on design guidelines for South Park Street, and cooperating with a landscape design class at the University. At this point, ideas are still quite general, call for less clutter, more green space, less car-oriented feel, more sidewalks. More coherence in building design is a distant goal.
    • Preliminary design ideas will be presented at a December meeting of Park Street Partners
    • There is an SMPC newsletter called Southern Exposures. It aspires to be a newspaper, aims for quarterly distribution of 14,000.

    • Jane informs us that the Capital Times ran an interview with the owner of Cargo Coffee.

  7. Alder Report, Matt Sloan

    There are many street and building projects coming to our neighborhood in the next year:

    • The Olin ave railroad bridge will be torn down in early Spring, and the new crossing won't be completed until Fall. Chick Lilly raised the issue of where all the traffic will go when the Olin bridge is closed, and whether there could be a temporary traffic light at Lakeside and Park, or stop signs, or one-way restrictions to direct traffic away from small residential streets. Matt says there will be a neighborhood meeting later on about just this issue.
    • The Beld Street bridge over Wingra Creek will also be rebuilt, as it is now falling apart.
    • The Wingra Creek Streambank Satibilization Project will use a natural, plant-based approach to restore and stabilize the banks, rather than the common wire-cages-full-of-rocks method. This should improve recreational use of the stream, as well as its value for handling stormwater.
    • Remediation of Quann Park will continue, finishing up in the coming year.
    • The Parks Department wants to expand its facility into Franklin Field. This may require a city-wide referendum. Matt feels that the neighborhood should be involved in the planning.
    • Lakeside will get some traffic-calming in January. There will be a meeting on January 23rd to assess the effects of the orange traffic cones, which are attempting to simulate "islands in the stream" of traffic.
    • There's a hearing on whether Madison has enough police and whether they respond well to our needs. 10/24, 6:30 pm.

  8. The Treacherous Intersection at Wingra and Fish Hatchery is still a concern. Matt Sloan says someone should send him a letter. He can then introduce the issue in a council meeting, where it will be referred to a committee which will then have to respond.

  9. Ben Kadel informs us that his company has been hired by the city to promote a ... (drum roll please)...Comprehensive Planning Process. This is supposed to help examine larger-scale issues. On October 28th there will by a city-wide forum from 7 to 9pm at the Civic Center, where the process will be introduced. This will be followed by eight "sector" meetings, arranged geographically. Ours will be at the Labor Temple, some time in November.

  10. Theresa MacDonald raised the issue of overcrowded schools, asked about the city's role. Matt says that the city has little to do with it -- it's mostly the school board's planning process. The city plays a role in coordinating locations of new schools with traffic, water lines, residential expansion, etc., but doesn't get to decide when to build more schools or where. Revenue caps imposed by the state are a big impediment to building more schools, and we should talk to our state legislators.

  11. Ben K. informs us (informative guy, isn't he?) that a Friends of Monona Bay group is forming, to work on issues related to water quality and esthetics of the Bay. Annette Czarnecki is the organizer.

  12. Next Month^s Meeting: Monday, November 11th, 6:30 pm, The Space Place on Park Street (different location this month only).
    Next Month^s Fearless Leader: Maureen Quinlan

  13. Meeting adjourned at 7:37pm.

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