Bay Creek Neighborhood Association

Meeting Minutes for Monday, May 13, 2002


Officers, Members and Guests Present: Jim Winkle (web), Betty & Darwin Carpenter, Bob Lockhart, Amy Turner (contact), Judy Amburn, Michael Ulrich, Maureen Quinlan (treasurer), Kirk Elliott (newsletter), Dana Zemliauskas, Jennifer Zahn (secretary), Mike Ivey, Judy Robinson, Jeff Swiggum, Ben Kadel, Matt Sloan, Annette Czarnecki, Scott Faust (guest), Joan Wilson (guest), Rose Brothers.


The meeting began at 6:30 pm.

Facilitator: Maureen Quinlan

Minute Taker: Jennifer Zahn


Approval of Minutes

April minutes were approved. MOTION: Mike Ivey. SECOND: Kirk Elliott. APPROVAL: Unanimous.


Committee Reports

Contact Person (Amy Turner)

Shared news and information about the following organizations, documents and events:

·               A draft letter to send to Romnes Apartments (re: area rep restructuring) was passed around. Please send suggestions to Kyle Richmond.

·               Free Mallards baseball game coming up!

·               Neighborhood planning (5-10 year) process information from Jule Stroicke’s office.

·               Yard sale scheduled for Saturday, August 24th; rain date Saturday, August 31st. Contact Maureen Quinlan or Amy Turner to get involved with the planning. Help is needed!

·               BAY CREEK EVENT! Take a Stake in the Lakes Wingra Creek clean up is 6/15, Monona Bay (Bernie’s Beach on Gilson and park at end of O’Sheridan) clean up is 6/22. Both clean ups begin promptly at 9 am. Mike Ivey and Jennifer Zahn are the respective organizers. Call if you’d like to dig in!

·               Transportation 20/20 meeting info, MSCR newsletter, Westmoreland Healthy Lawn Team, South Madison Planning Council minutes, Southern Exposure, new of the south side (new!), Emergence of Toxic Mold Litigation.

·               The Art Cat and StageCoach Players will be in our neighborhood this summer.


Newsletter (Kirk Elliott)

·               New issue in June.

·               Meet the new copy editor, Judy Robinson – yay Judy!


Treasurer (Maureen Quinlan)

·               $1740.58 total in our account

o      $613.96 membership

o      $342.80 newsletter

o      $245.25 signage

o      $85.45 web site

o      $453.12 community grant (Lunch Buddy/Mentor program – rakes and other materials purchased)


SMPC (Ben Kadel/Candace Pantoga)

·               Contact Ben to get involved in Park Street Partners program.

·               1st issue of south side newsletter is out. Plans include growing this to a small newspaper size.


Web (Jim Winkle)

·               Yahoo is changing its email-forwarding program. We may see a $40/year request coming from the web committee to support our neighborhood email address.



Welcome (Jennifer Zahn)

·               We need to create films so MG&E can print the brochure. Cost is $251.98, which JZ paid out of pocket. MOTION, Rose Brothers: Reimburse JZ for $251.98, pay $93.60 charge associated with collating brochure into June newsletter. SECOND: (missed it, sorry!). APPROVAL: Unanimous.

·               EcoTeams office is closed. More info coming after general meeting of EcoTeams funding partners.

·               FYI, Jennifer is moving to Chicago. A new secretary and welcome committee chair will be needed effective June (preferred) or July 2002.


Alder (Matt Sloan)

·               Homes at end of Clarence Court are treating Madison-owned property as their own, building decks and planting. These areas need to be free and open for public access. Ideas? Talk to Matt.

·               Quann Park remediation begins this summer. Watch kiosks for postings.

·               US Conference of Mayors is occurring mid-June. Creative People’s Resistance may be setting up encampment at Olin Turville Park. More info coming soon.

·               Notice: Blues Festival has requested performance extension from 11:00 pm to 11:30 pm. Concern that since organizers have shown a lack of ability to adhere to the 11:00 pm time, they probably won’t adhere to the 11:30 pm time, either.

·               Greenbush neighborhood is managing the St. Mary’s development issues.

·               Wingra Drive and High Street may “secede” from Bay Creek and join Greenbush.

·               Style & Grace Salon would like to apply for a mixed use permit, retaining hair business on 1st floor and housing (town house/row house) for families. Matt will call a meeting, posting meetings on the Bay Creek calendar and summarizing this/these meetings at the next Bay Creek Neighborhood gathering.



Reports and Discussion

Java Detour Proposal

Joan Wilson and Scott Faust presented a proposal to the neighborhood association for a new coffee shop, Java Detour, at the current Valvoline Instant Oil Change site, 939 South Park Street (Park & Fish Hatchery). A similar proposal has been made to an East Washington Avenue neighborhood (East Emerson, I believe). Another Java Detour location is in Rochester, Minnesota. Joan and Scott requested a waiver to the 30 day neighborhood notice, so they could appear before Common Council. Lengthy discussion ensued:

·               Extended hours extended: 5:30 a – 8/9 pm M-F, 6:30 a – 9/10 p Sa, 7 am – 8 pm Su

·               No seating inside, drive through concept

·               Garden/park-like setting proposed for front with bike racks and walk up window, too

·               Very involved with community, donating product to runs, walks, school events, etc.

·               Provide excellent espresso drinks and blended and iced creations

·               Not currently using Fair Trade coffee, but willing to look into it; does use small Idaho coffee roaster

·               No site plan created yet for South Park, we saw the Washington site plan (a concern for BCNA)

·               Last minute notice given for agenda item (guests just showed up)

·               No contact of area neighbors has occurred yet

·               Concern for our neighborhood-based coffee shops – BCNA wants to support them, not drive them out of business after we’ve waited so long!

·               Dangerous intersection, heavy traffic, entry & exit would be difficult

MOTION, Mike Ivey: Need a site plan; BCNA will not waive 30-day notice. We support the idea and free enterprise, but are concerned with the process used tonight to get our attention and approval. Guests should work with Matt Sloan to pursue this project, going through the proper neighbor channels. SECOND: Ben Kadel. APPROVAL: Unanimous.


Gardening Committee

·               Quann Park Community Garden Plots – An executive board will be elected at the Thursday, May 16th meeting.

·               Gardening opportunity – Join other green thumbs on Saturday, May 25th (May 26, rain date) around the statue at Cargo Coffee to beautify (aka weed) and plant geraniums.


Meeting Extension

MOTION, anonymous: Extend meeting until 8 pm. SECOND: Unknown. APPROVAL: Unanimous.


Reports/Discussion Continued

·               Transport 20/20 commuter rail and trolley comment forms available through Ben Kadel.

·               Wright Middle School is conducting a Park Street survey. Gifted & Talented program will tally results.

·               Annette Czarnecki, a Potter Street neighbor, is starting a Safe Lawns, Clean Lakes campaign in the ‘hood. She will print yard signs and begin an educational campaign in the newsletter. May present at the fall neighborhood conference and hopes get something going city-wide. Also would like to invite a guest speaker to the September BCNA meeting to present on the safe lawns topic. Already collaborating with Westmoreland neighborhood. MOTION, Jennifer Zahn: Topic meeting in September. SECOND: Judy Robinson. APPROVAL: Unanimous.

·               Baha’i is collecting food for Centro Guadalupe. Bring donations – thanks!

·               June 2nd is the Race Unity Rally at the Capitol. Join in if you’re interested.


Next Meeting: Monday, June 10, 2002

Facilitator: Daina Zemliauskas, 6:30 pm, Baha’i Center, 324 W Lakeside Street.


The meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm.

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