Bay Creek Neighborhood Association

Meeting Minutes for Monday, April 8, 2002


Officers, Members and Guests Present: Candace Pantoga (SMPC) & Julian, Jim Winkle (web), Betty & Darwin Carpenter, Bob Lockhart, Amy Turner (contact), Gary Amburn, Nick Glass, Susan Vandewalle, Pamela Hathaway, Monte Wilson, Michael Ulrich, Dan Rick, Maureen Quinlan (treasurer), Kirk Elliott (newsletter), Dana Zemliauskas, Jennifer Zahn (secretary), Mike Ivey, Cynthia Snyder, Kyle Richmond.


The meeting began at 6:30 pm.

Facilitator: Jim Winkle

Minute Taker: Jennifer Zahn


Lakeside Fibers Rezoning Presentation

·               Susan Vandewalle presented rezoning plans for 402 (Lakeside Fibers), 404 (loom space) and 408 (single-family residence) Lakeside Street. Each of these buildings is owned by the Vandewalles.

·               Phase one: expand the shop and capacity for classes. Move all business activity to first floor, refurbish 2nd floor to two apartments. Put on an addition on the rear of the building and add a deck, replicating the old railroad depot façade and complying with ADA access codes.

·               Phase two: Remove the home, overlay the little loom studio with a 600 square foot addition in Mission/Prairie style, creating two new rental town homes with excellent views of the park and capitol building.

·               Why rezone? Current zoning is for office use, not retail/residential.

·               How will we know about the rezoning hearing? Look for signs posted in the store, maybe an article in the Bulletin. Pushing for completion of larger store on September 1st.

·               Will Section 8 vouchers be accepted? Currently not in the plans.

·               Where is parking for the store and residential units? Seven to eight spaces will be available between the rail corridor and the building.


Kyle Richmond arrived to rousing cheers and applause. Congratulations on your appointment to the Dane County Board!


Approval of Minutes

March minutes were approved. MOTION: Nick Glass. SECOND: Mike Ivey. APPROVAL: Unanimous.


Committee Reports

Contact Person (Amy Turner)

Shared news and information about the following organizations, documents and events:

·               Earth Day Challenge April 20, 8 am – Meet at Bernie’s beach, bring gloves. Group will move to Franklin Field and The Triangle time permitting.

·               Office Ray is the new South Precinct liaison. Call and leave a message. His shift is 10 pm – 6 am six days a week.

·               A UW Journalism student is doing a study on Bay Creek. If we’re lucky, we’ll get to see their report!

·               ¡BAY CREEK EVENT! Take a Stake in the Lakes Wingra Creek clean up is 6/15, Monona Bay (Bernie’s Beach) clean up is 6/22. Both clean ups begin promptly at 9 am. Mike Ivey and Jennifer Zahn are the respective organizers. Call if you’d like to dig in! We need landlubbers and creek scrubbers (canoers/kayakers).

·               Safe Community Coalition of Madison and Dane County traffic safety campaigns – info passed.

·               Pedestrian/Bicycle/Motor Vehicle Commission is seeking ideas for 2003-2005 projects. Attend a meeting on April 23, 6 pm in Room 260 of the Madison Municipal Building, 215 Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard.

·               BANA Newsletter – info passed.

·               South Madison Neighborhoods Steering Committee – minutes and agenda passed.

·               Monona Terrace is celebrating its Five Year Anniversary – info passed. 


Newsletter (Kirk Elliott)

·               Articles and drawings and pictures, oh my! Always needed.

·               June/July issue - May 10th deadline.

·               Copy editor opening.


Treasurer (Maureen Quinlan)

·               $1677.58 total in our account

o      $613.96 membership

o      $279.80 newsletter

o      $245.25 signage

o      $85.45 web site

o      $453.12 community grant (Lunch Buddy/Mentor program – rakes and other materials purchased)


SMPC (Candace Pantoga)

·               SMPC is currently (or recently was) doing an internal assessment of board operations.


Welcome (Jennifer Zahn)

·               (Never-Ending) Brochure project: MG&E will fund entire brochure. Yay! JZ reduced funding request to $50 (from $500) to cover cost of collating brochures into the newsletter. Just learned we need to redo format from PC PageMaker to Mac Quark. Oy! Distribution will occur with next newsletter.

·               EcoTeams: We have two EcoTeams active in Bay Creek this spring. Props to the Cheap Composting Campers and the Environ-Mentals!

·               Welcome Committee (aka JZ and anyone giddy enough to join her) will organize the June 22 Monona Bay clean up (Take a Stake in the Lakes). See further info in Contact Person section above.

·               JZ will host an “Activate Those Ideas!” gathering at her house on an upcoming Sunday so neighbors can get started on some of the newly brainstormed ideas from the March meeting. Brainstormed ideas will be typed and posted on the Bay Creek listserv.


Further Reports and Discussion

·               Quann Park Community Garden Plot sign up (Jim Winkle): April 20, 9 am,Cargo Coffee on South Park Street.

·               Police Meeting (Nick Glass): 17 Bay Creek neighborhood representatives showed up. Discussion covered what neighbors want, what officers can do to assist. Check the Bulletin and neighborhood website for a listing of phone and other police contact information.


Meeting Extension

MOTION to extend meeting another 15 minutes: Jennifer Zahn. SECOND: Mike Ivey. APPROVAL: Unanimous.


Reports/Discussion Continued

·               Bank Update (Mike Ulrich, owner & neighbor): New tenant, hair salon (front) and barbershop (back) will move in early May. Mike is approaching the City on Thursday 04/11 for a parking variance. 

·               Yard Sale: A subcommittee will brainstorm possible dates and bring to next BCNA meeting. FYI, St. Mark’s is moving their sale to spring.

·               Removal/Merging of Neighborhood Area #4 (Romnes Apartments): Kyle Richmond will make personal contact with our Romnes friends to discuss this idea and/or will draft a letter (~300 copies needed) explaining the situation. Idea is to merge the Area 4 into another existing area since we have not had a Neighborhood Representative for two of the last neighborhood council election years.


Next Meeting: Monday, May 13, 2002

Facilitator: Maureen Quinlan, 6:30 pm, Baha’i Center, 324 W Lakeside Street.


MOTION to adjourn: Cynthia Snyder. SECOND: My gosh, I missed it. Sorry. APPROVAL: Unanimous. The meeting adjourned at 7:50 pm.

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