Bay Creek Neighborhood Association

Monthly Meeting

Minutes for Monday, March 11, 2002


Facilitator: Ben Kadel

Minute Taker: Jane Smith


Officers present: Amy Turner (Contact), Maureen Quinlan (Treasurer)

Committe chairs present: Jim Winkle (Web)

Area Reps present: Bob Lockhart (5)


Meeting attended by a number of B.C.N.A. members and neighbors.


Committee reports:

Treasurer - (Maureen Quinlan)

Membership:      $638.96

Newsletter:         $128.66

Sign:                 $245.25

Web:                 $85.45


Services Grant:    $600.00


Welcome -

Need money for the brochure that will be distributed to every house.


Newsletter - (Jane Smith for Kirk Elliott)

Copy Editor resigned. Need someone to volunteer for that position. Requires about 4 hours every 2 months. Access to a pc is helpful but not required.


Contact - (Amy Turner)

Two March Inservices (March 13, 19) offered by Madison Police Department. Volunteer needed at each inservice to bring up neighborhood concerns. Nick Glass will attend March 13.


$20 was spent on two banners now hanging over Park Street and University Avenue. $20 pays for installation fee and permit.


In July, the Red Cross will host a Real Heroes Awards dinner at Monona Terrace.


Bay Creek will participate in the April 20th Earth Day Challenge. Meet at Bernie’s Beach. 10 a.m-Noon. Bring trash, recycle bags and gloves.


Quann Park Dog Exercise Area Clean-up scheduled for March 20, 9 a.m.-Noon. Bring trash, recycle bags and gloves.


Take a Stake in the Lakes scheduled for June 15 (Mendota, Wingra, Kegonsa) and June 22 (Monona and Waubesa).


Letter from Lakeside Fibers asking for BCNA support for a rezoning request.


Motion to invite Susan Vandewalle, owner of Lakeside Fibers, to talk at April or a future meeting. To explain plans for building an addition to the Lakeside Fibers building at 402 W. Lakeside Street, and possible future residential development at 404 W. Lakeside Street. Seconded. Passed.


Steve Davis provided information about the Metro Transit Enhancement Grant. Preferred request was for a bus shelter at Olin and So. Park. A shelter won’t fit there, so Madison Metro is offering a seat/bench plus a bike rack. The bike rack can go wherever the neighborhood wants it placed. Need to let the City know where. Give suggestions of where to place the bike rack to Candace.


SMPC - (Ben Kadel)

Ongoing projects. Nothing new to add from what has been reported at earlier meetings.



Brainstorming session (led by Ben Kadel)

The brainstorming exercise resulted in a list of events and projects that are most important to the neighborhood to keep doing or to start. An event happens periodically - annually, monthly, or every so often. A project is an ongoing venture.

Top-voted events are the neighborhood yard sale, proposed drive-by art show, and candidate forums. There was also interest in having more social events. Top-voted projects are a proposed neighborhood directory, the bi-monthly newsletter (Bay Creek Bulletin), and traffic calming.


We will pursue these brainstorming ideas more at April’s meeting.


Meeting adjourned at 7:45 p.m.


Facilitator for next meeting: Jim Winkle.

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