Bay Creek Neighborhood Association

Minutes for Monday, February 11, 2002


Officers, Members & Guests Present: Kyle Richmond, Gary Amburn, Steve Glinberg, Jane Smith, Betty Carpenter, Darwin Carpenter, Candace Pantoga, Bonnie Schmidt, Matt Sloan, Ben Kadel, Jennifer Zahn


The meeting began at 6:35 pm.

Facilitator: Kirk Elliott

Minute Taker: Jennifer Zahn


Approval of Minutes

January minutes approved pending one correction (move South Madison Neighborhood Plan Steering Committee item to its own section and out of SMPC reports). SO MOVED: Ben Kadel. SECOND: Jane Smith.



All persons whose names appear below but had not been in attendance at the February meeting appointed representatives to accept nominations on their behalf.



Contact Person: Amy Turner

Treasurer: Maureen Quinlan

Secretary: Jennifer Zahn


Committee Chairs

Traffic Committee: Steve Glinberg

Newsletter Committee: Kirk Elliott

Web Committee: Jim Winkle

Sign Committee: Candace Pantoga

Welcome Committee: Jennifer Zahn

SMPC: Candace Pantoga


Area Representatives

1: Open

2: Open

3: Daina Zemliauskus

4: Candace Pantoga

5: Bob Lockhart

6: Open


MOTION by Matt Sloan to package and approve above. SECOND: Ben Kadel. DISCUSSION: After noting a serious lack of candidate interest in the area representative structure for the last couple of years, Bay Creek Neighborhood council members indicated an interest in changing and improving the neighborhood representative structure. Watch for articles and feedback opportunities in the upcoming Bulletin. UNANIMOUS APPROVAL.


Committee Reports



Contact Person <Amy Turner via Candace Pantoga>

·      Traffic Reduction & Enforcement Safety Team is looking for $20 contributions from area neighborhood associations to produce and hang a “Yield to Pedestrians – It’s the Law” banner at the Meriter overpass. MOTION by Bonnie Schmidt to approve the $20. SECOND: Ben Kadel. DISCUSSION: Good to work with surrounding neighborhoods. Will the banner do much? Let’s see if we can borrow it to hang near the school or elsewhere in our neighborhood. UNANIMOUS APPROVAL.


Newsletter <>


SMPC <> <Candace Pantoga incoming> 

·      Two grant opportunities exist: Community Services Initiatives: Hands Across South Madison under $1,000 and over $1,000. Deadline: March 15, 2002. DISCUSSION: Youth programs, building community in the neighborhood. Let’s write a grant for day care / evening service care so more families can participate in the neighborhood meetings. What about helping neighborhood youths to set up a babysitting cooperative? Let’s produce a neighborhood directory (like Vilas directory) with residents’ names and contact info (pending their approval for inclusion), area organizations and businesses. Candace Pantoga and Jennifer Zahn will pursue two separate grant requests.


Alder <Matt Sloan>


Welcome <>


Next Meeting: March 11, 2002

Facilitator: Ben Kadel, 6:30 pm, Baha’i Center, 324 W Lakeside Street.


MOTION to adjourn by Jennifer Zahn. SECOND: Candace Pantoga. UNANIMOUS APPROVAL.

The meeting adjourned at 7:35 pm.


Famous parting words: “I love the Bay Creek Dodo.” Ben Kadel

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