Bay Creek Neighborhood Association

BCNA Meeting Minutes for Monday, September 10, 2001


Officers, Members & Guests Present: Rose Brothers, Kris Hart, Anonymous, Bob Lockhart, Candace Pantoga, Ben Kadel, Jim Winkle, Daina Zemliauskas, Kyle Richmond, Maureen Quinlan, Gary Amburn, Annette Czarnecki and  Jodi Wortsman.


The meeting began at 6:30 pm.

Facilitator: Kyle Richmond

Minute Taker: Annette Czarnecki

Typist: Jennifer Zahn


MOTION by Jim Winkle to approve the August 13th BCNA minutes.

SECOND by Candace Pantoga.

APPROVAL: unanimous.


Committee Reports


·      $1861.39 total in our account

o      $625.74 membership

o      $303.95 newsletter

o      245.25 signs

o      84.45 web

o      $600 community service grant (Lunch Buddy program)


Contact Person

·      Madison Police Department contact officer for Bay Creek Neighborhood is Mike Brennan, 266-4275, 3-11 pm. Neighbors may call him with questions or concerns about neighborhood issues.

·      Neighborhood Conference - Saturday, September 15th

·      Open Space Summit - October 13 in Appleton

·      MSCR newsletter

·      Parks Department newsletter

·      Grant guidelines for Neighborhood Planning grants (deadline: October 1st)

·      Study Circles info from city. Also, SMPC might organize a study circle on the south side early next year.


Newsletter Committee

·      Next Bulletin will be distributed the first week of October.

·      Deadline for December issue is November 9th.

·      Kris Hart will take on newsletter advertising.



·      Leadership Development program, Neighborhood Conference and other neighborhood items are underfunded in current budget proposal. Ben will provide more details at future meeting, possibly draft a letter from BCNA urging full funding of neighborhood budget items.



·      Meeting held off til next Monday, September 17th, 6 pm at 118 W Lakeside Street.


Adler Update

·      No reports


Banner/Sign Committee

·      BCNA received grant from bus stop shelter at Park & Olin. BCNA needs to contribute (read “Raise”) $900 in matching funds. 

·      Candace Pantoga will investigate unresolved questions about exact location of shelter, when BCNA money would need to be raised and BCNA responsibility in maintaining shelter, and will also check with area businesses about donating funds to BCNA for the shelter.

·      Ben will talk with SMPC about its involvement, Park Street beautification plan and possible business donations.



·      Web site with rummage sale info had 37 hits on Thurs/Fri/Sat prior to sale.

·      Jim Winkle will present a session on neighborhood web sites at the 9/15 Neighborhood Conference.


Additional Discussion Items & Updates


·      Area 2 - new rep is Kris Hart

MOTION  by Jim Winkle to approve new rep for area 2.

SECOND by Daina Zemliauskas.

APPROVAL: unanimous.


October Meeting

·      Speaker from city is confirmed to discuss traffic.

·      BCNA business items no more than 15 minutes total. Limit reports from each area to 3 minutes: newsletter, banners, web, welcome, beautification.

·      Get food for meeting from local businesses

·      Post signs around neighborhood to remind people about meeting.

·      Provide sign up sheets for people interested in becoming involved in other issues.


Bay Creek Neighborhood Association Meeting Length

·      Issue raised of allowing more time at end of meeting for brainstorming ideas.

·      Many were concerned about the difficulty in getting results from brainstorming, meeting length going over 1 hour, the need to prioritize BCNA objectives and allowing for a change in BCNA meeting format (occasionally).

MOTION by Candace Pantoga to earmark the following meetings for specific topics:

·      October - Big draw meeting (membership drive? focus on neighborhood-wide topic of interest)

·      January - Potluck meeting (food!)

·      February - Annual meeting (elections)

·      March - Brainstorming priorities for the year (strategic planning)

SECOND by Kris Hart

APPROVAL: Unanimous.


November meeting will feature speakers from the Hands & Hearts Project.


Next facilitator: Daina Zemliauskas

Next meeting: Monday, October 8th, 6:30 pm, Madison Baha’i Center, 324 W Lakeside Street.


The September BCNA meeting adjourned at 7:30 pm.

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