Bay Creek Neighborhood Association

BCNA Meeting Minutes for Monday, May  14, 2001


Officers Present: Amy Turner, Jennifer Zahn

Members Present: Annette Czarnecki, Ben Kadel, Matt Sloan, Jim Winkle, Kristin Hart, Maureen Quinland, Rose Brothers, Daina Zemliauskas, Bob Lockhart, Judy Amburn, Theresa MacDonald, Anonymous, Darwin Carpenter, Betty Carpenter, Kyle Richmond

Guests: None


The meeting began at 6:30 pm.

Facilitator: Ben Kadel

Minute Taker: Jennifer Zahn


Committee Reports

Treasurer (JZ will call Candace & Steve and get updated info)


Contact Person


Some Discussion on the Following:














July 4th Picnic: Contact Bonnie Schmidt to help. Discussion suggested some neighbors felt this event was targeted moreso as a kids/parents event rather than an all-inclusive event. Event ideas included: games for kids; sports for all (MSCR loans out sports equipment at low- to no-cost); potluck; Franklin Field activities including tennis; plant exchange “If you can’t bring children, bring a plant!”; low- to no-cost band with own PA; welcoming committee display on BCNA issues, ways to get involved (volunteer projects per Wortsman brainstorming?), due payment center?; dessert fundraiser (families donate a dessert; you buy what you want; funds go to general BCNA account).


Promotion for event includes notice in BCNA bulletin, including Bonnie Schmidt’s contact information. Also, Jennifer Zahn will create handbills with July 4th Potluck info on one side, short needs assessment on other side (name & contact info; what issues are important to you? what special tools/skills are you willing to share with your neighbors?). Turn in handbill at July 4th event to register for prize / raffle. Hand out handbills by walking through neighborhood. Walkers include: Jennifer Zahn, Ben Kadel, Kyle Richmond, Bob Lockhart, Daina Zemliauskas, Annette Czarnecki.


Rummage Sale is moved to August 25th. Rose Brothers volunteered to create a list of all addresses involved & map. Church is relieved of date change. If you have items for the rummage but don’t want to host a rummage site, here are two options: 1) Ask your neighbor to sell them for you; 2) Donate them to the BCNA Sale Area, where funds raised will go toward the BCNA general fund. Contact Amy Turner if you have items you wish to donate.


Franklin School Outdoor Class is looking for some adult volunteers. Projects will take school children to Bernie’s Beach to plant some flowers, etc. Interested? Talk to Bonnie Schmidt.


Bay Creek EcoTeams: From the original Bay Creek Team, the Tadpoles, spawned the Bay Creeps. Creeps recently wrapped up their last meeting, entitled Empowering Others. After a summer break, they will reconvene in August or early September to host an Introduction Meeting. This is an event where new households can sign up and get involved. Participants gather with 5-8 other area households, learn about different ways to lessen your ecological footprint (cut back on energy usage, water consumption) and really get to know your neighbors. After about 15% of our neighborhood households (209) get involved, it is thought that the practices taught in the EcoTeams curriculum will become a part of the neighborhood’s natural functioning. If you’re interested in joining a Bay Creek EcoTeam, contact Jennifer Zahn.


Community Adolescent Project exceeded their fundraising goal by 40%! Thanks to all who contributed.


Grant Update: Craft Shed / Art Cart project (April 9 minutes; grant application) has not been pursued this year. However, the grant application for the Franklin School Initiative (Lunch Buddy program) has been turned in.


Next Meeting Facilitator: Maureen Quinlan

Jodi Wortsman, the SMPC Volunteer Coordinator, will be back for the June BCNA meeting.


Meeting adjourned at 7:45 pm.

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