March 12, 2001 Bay Creek Neighborhood Association meeting

Questions presented to the neighborhood association members are stated in bold followed by their answers during a brainstorming session.      


Why did you start coming to neighborhood association meetings?

Neighbor asked me

Recently moved here--wanted to meet new people

Learn more about the community

Improve neighborhood/Help build a safe neighborhood

Newletter shared information about event and I was interested in learning more about the event



What are the goals of the neighborhood association? Why do you want more volunteers?

Want block captains to disseminate information/raise $

Phone trees

Volunteers for traffic reduction activities:  if the same people do it they face burnout

Generate new ideas

Help maintain greenspace

Build cohesive community where people support each other

Do more projects in general

Get to know neighbors/know more people

More people reinvest in neighborhoods in new ways—new spark


What are the strengths of the neighborhood association, volunteer program—specific and general?

Good committed neighbors

Good newsletter

Good website

Great free meeting place

Free e-mail list

July 4th picnic

Yard sale

Winter party



New officers

Different generations presenting ideas

Talented individuals

Connections/have liaisons with other organizations to build bridges/ e.g St. Marks and Baha’i

Connections to city government

Neighborhood itself has great qualities—we need to preserve and be aware/great location/lot assets

Great location

Neighbors could use neighborhood association as resource as what is happening in community (e.g. tree cutting example—one person in neighborhood association goes to meeting and can tell everyone else)


What are the weaknesses of the volunteer program, specific and general?

Core group of volunteers/can only do so much/many activities competing for their time

Not a lot of diversity/racial/age

No one comes to meetings from the other side Park Street and  John Nolen and from Romnes

Have volunteer opportunities, but no volunteers

Struggle to get volunteers for projects

No have welcome mechanism (e.g. how will we deliver welcome pamphlet?)

Need more connections to existing organizations in neighborhood

Not a lot of links with businesses

Rely on newsletter to do too many things(e.g. need to use newsletter and other methods to promote volunteer opportunities)

A small group makes too many assumptions about how to get people involved, but it is not bringing in people

Survey idea/huge undertaking

Don’t have enough social events.   


What they felt their next steps should be to make a stronger neighborhood association.

Co-sponsor events (neighborhood association can get involved with other group events—coordinate group planning—e.g. Bay Creek N.A and St. Marks coordinating Yard sale event)

*Block Captains

Raise money (e.g. like did door to door with neighborhood sign)

*Different opportunities for people based on what people want to do--survey needs and assets (e.g. What issues might be see as important to get them to volunteer?)

Advertise in newsletter, but also advertise in different ways


Collect voluntary dues

Fill vacant officer spots

Welcoming mechanism/system

*Different ways to volunteer/need many ways for people to get involved

(e.g. One event you may need some people to do recruitment, others bake cookies others do setup etc.)


The *’s are the top three steps the neighborhood association feels that they should take to strengthen their neighborhood association. 




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