Bay Creek Neighborhood Association

BCNA Meeting Minutes

February 12, 2001


Officers Present: Anonymous, Nick Glass, Candace Pantoga, , Amy Turner, Bonnie Schmidt, Kyle Richmond

Guests Present: Betty & Darwin Carpenter, Bob Lockhart, Jane Smith, Jennifer Zahn, Judy Amburn from Baha’i, Kris Hart, Rose Brothers, Steve Davis,


The meeting began at  6:45 PM


Jane facilitated the meeting.  Nick Glass kept the minutes.



·       TREASURER’S REPORT: $999.48 in our account. 452.81 membership; 210.97 newsletter;  245.25 sign; 85.45 web.

·       CONTACT REPORT: Numerous documents shared, including the zoo’s request for volunteers, a summary of the Madison neighborhood summit and a letter from the Madison Parks Commission requesting neighborhoods to ask the city for capital improvements.  (It was moved that the BCNA ask for funding for playground equipment at Bernie’s Beach. Nick agreed to write and send the letter.)

·       NEWSLETTER: 3/9 deadline for next newsletter.  Anonymous mentioned we need a new layout person.

·       SIGN: Nick and Candace met with the folks from the city. Learned more about how to get the banners up and funded by the grant we received in 2000.  Nick passed around a color image of the banner.



·       It was election night. The following people were elected to BCNA positions for the next year according to the rules of the by-laws.   Contact Person: Amy Turner; Treasurer: Co-run by Candace Pantoga & Steve Davis; Secretary: Jennifer Zahn


Area Rep 1: Wingra West of Park Street -- OPEN

Area Rep 2: Northwestern RR Tracks East to Olin-Turville Park -- Kyle Richmond

Area 3: Northwestern RR Tracks West to Park Street -- OPEN   

Area 4: Central Area -- Rose Brothers

Area 5: Tree Streets -- Kris Hart

Area 6: Romnes Apartments -- OPEN


Welcoming & Recruitment Committee -- Jennifer Zahn; Newsletter -- Anonymous; Neighborhood Image & Signs Committee -- Candace Pantoga; Planning & Economic Development -- Rose Brothers; Traffic – OPEN; Environmental & Recreational Development – OPEN; Web Site – OPEN; SMPC Representative -- OPEN


The Web Site position and the SMPC position will most likely be filled by incumbants Jim Winkle and Ben Kadel, respectively. They weren’t at the meeting to be elected. Notices were sent to them.


·       Bonnie reported that graffiti on the old pharmacy facing the Franklin playground has been up for more than a month. Jerry the landlord will be contacted to try to get it removed, although this could be difficult due to the cold weather.


·       Kris Hart reported that she is a member of the St. Marks church and would like to act as a liason between the BCNA and the church.  Everyone enthusiastically welcomed this new neighborhood connecton.


Next meeting facilitator: Kyle

Meeting adjourned: 7:43

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