Bay Creek Neighborhood Association

BCNA Meeting Minutes

January 8, 2001


Officers Present: Anonymous, Nick Glass, Candace Pantoga, , Amy Turner,  Kyle Richmond, Charlene Sexton, Ben Kadel

Guests Present include: Betty & Darwin Carpenter, Bob Lockhart, Jane Smith, Jennifer Zahn, Judy & Gary Amburn from Baha’i.


The meeting began at  6:30 PM


Charlene facilitated the meeting.  Nick Glass kept the minutes.


Minutes not recorded until February 16, 2001



·       TREASURER’S REPORT: not sure.

·       CONTACT REPORT: Numerous documents shared, a reminder that the city’s planning council is looking for Bay Creekers to be on the committee. Deadline for nomination is 1/10.  There was alsoa disucssion about Independent Living Homeshare programs.  

·       NEWSLETTER: 1/12 deadline for next newsletter and there is still room for articles.



·       December 2000 meeting was cancelled due to snow. This is our first meeting for two months.

·       Neighborhood potluck preceded this meeting. Nice small crowd of about 20 people attended. Most stayed for the meeting.

·       Discussion ensued regarding the community enhancement grant program. Would would new residents want to know??  Discussion expanded to the role of our welcoming committee.  We mentioned tabling for a future meeting ways to improve connections between neighbors and the neighborhood and BCNA.


·       Jody from the SMPC came to meet us. She wants to work with neighborhood associations and will come talk with us after our March meeting about strategies for improving neighborhood involvement in the BCNA.



Next meeting facilitator: Jane Smith


Meeting adjourned: 7:43

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