Bay Creek Neighborhood Association

BCNA Meeting Minutes

November 13, 2000


Officers Present: Anonymous, Nick Glass, Amy Turner, Kyle Richmond, Ben Kadel, Jim Winkle

Guests Present include: Betty & Darwin Carpenter, Bob Lockhart, Jane Smith, Jennifer Zahn, Judy Amburn from Baha’i.


The meeting began at  6:30 PM


? facilitated the meeting.  Nick Glass kept the minutes.


Minutes not recorded until February 16, 2001



·       TREASURER’S REPORT: $1351.01 in our account.

·       CONTACT REPORT: Numerous documents shared.

·       WEB SITE: running smoothly with changes on a regular basis.



·       Amy attended the Madison Neighborhood Summit on November 11.  More than 120 folks in attendance for the half-day event.  Talks, breakout groups and informal discussions were the activities. Many good ideas for recruitment and retention of neighbors in Associations was discussed.   More will follow.

·       Anonymous mentioned Landfill remediation at Franklin Field and Quann Park.  He brought maps and information about changes which are currently being proposed. He wrote a detailed article of his findings for the newsletter.

·       Winter potluck planned for the 30 minutes prior to the January meeting.


Next meeting facilitator: Jane Smith


Meeting adjourned: 7:43

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