Bay Creek Neighborhood Association

BCNA Meeting Minutes

October 9, 2000


14 people present – with our treasurer Candace and secretary Nick not present.  No list available to report who was present.


The meeting began at  6:30 PM


Anonymous facilitated the meeting.       Kyle Richmond kept the minutes.



·       TREASURER’S REPORT: $1420.59 in our account. 482.20 membership; 607.69 newsletter;  245.25 sign; 85.45 web.

·       CONTACT REPORT: Numerous documents shared, including highlights of the Park Street Possibilities Forum and a Madison Neighbors Forum on 11/11.

·       NEWSLETTER: Oct/Nov issue in progress.  Nov 11 is the deadline for the Dec/Jan issue.

·       SIGN: Nick arrived and showed the design for banners – which were approved with a change of a tree in place of a house.  We will spend approx. $2,000 for as many banners as possible (hopefully 30) and the city assured us that we would be able to apply for money next year for the hardware and staffing to hang the banners.



·       No wake issue discussed. There is a listserve and web site posting with additional information.

·       Alder Matt Sloan gave a report – highlighting that the city’s operating budget is being finalized. No life guard cuts for now. There will be cuts in curbside leaf collection. Delayed will be a south district police station and crosswalk painting was cut, too. 

·       Ben Kadel gave a SMPC update. 1: a volunteer coordinator was hired. 2: SMPC has restructured their meetings so that specific neighborhood concerns can be discussed. 3: Park Street Possibilities Forum this week.

·       Bahai requested assistance with snow shoveling


Next meeting facilitator: Kyle   

Meeting adjourned: 7:15


Capt. Randy Gaber of the Madison Police Department led a discussion beginning at 7:15 with attendees regarding issues of concern and interest for our neighborhood.

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