Bay Creek Neighborhood Association

BCNA Meeting Minutes

September 11, 2000

Officers Present: Anonymous, Nick Glass, Candace Pantoga, , Jim Winkle

Guests Present: Betty & Darwin Carpenter, Bob Lockhart, Debra Beasley, , Judy Amburn from Baha’i, Maureen Quinlan and Teressa McDonald.

The meeting began at  6:30 PM


Candace facilitated the meeting.       Nick kept the minutes.



·       TREASURER’S REPORT: $1574.75 in our account. 389.55 membership; 809.95 newsletter;  245.25 sign; 130. web.

·       CONTACT REPORT: Numerous documents shared.

·       NEWSLETTER: Oct/Nov issue in progress.  Nov 11 is the deadline for the Dec/Jan issue.

·       WEB: Nick and Jim were curious how the Association felt about putting un-approved minutes on the web. Assuming that the Secretary can prepare the typed minutes well before the next meeting, Jim and Nick were curious if anyone was concerned about putting unofficial minutes on the web. No objections were raised, so it was moved that we try.

·       SIGN: The city has asked that we make as many banners as possible now and have them hung after Park Street gets new light posts.  We will try to approve the design in the next month or two – and then spend the money we have from the city matching grant on banners shortly.



·       The September garage sale was a grand success. 27 households participated despite the fear of rain. It brought many people through the neighborhood. It raised a few dozen dollars for the BCNA. We even received a card of appreciation for a buyer at the event thanking the BCNA for being so well organized.  Nick asked to do a survey of those involved – and will share results will the BCNA in October. Issues regarding the garage sale were raised – including the hours, the number of days and early sales.

·       Mike Dzikowich, the USPS mail carrier for part of the Bay Creek community, was named the most recent recipient of a certificate of appreciation from the BCNA.  His certificate will be presented in October. Nick will talk to him, confirm spelling of his last name, and invite him to our meeting.

·       Capt. Randy Gaber of the Madison Police Dept will be sending an officer and maybe himself to the October meeting – 7:15 PM.

·       Jim & Bonnie are organizing a fall picnic at Franklin Field – 10/8. Help needed in organizing it.

·       BRAINSTORMING: We had time to discuss a few issues: 4 power boats have recently been parking in the swimming area of Olin Beach. The swimming area had been roped off during the summer – but once the ropes were removed, boats began to park there. It was suggested that the city and alder Sloan be advised of this situation.

·       Fireworks at Franklin Field this past July 4th was increasing and a few neighbors were concerned about this. It was suggested that the city and alder Sloan be advised of this situation.



Next meeting facilitator: Anonymous    

Meeting adjourned: 7:15

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