Bay Creek Neighborhood Association

BCNA Meeting Minutes

August 14, 2000

Officers Present: Nick Glass, Candace Pantoga, , Amy Turner, Jim Winkle, and 1 anonymous

Guests Present: Betty & Darwin Carpenter, Bob Lockhart, Debra Beasley, , Gary Amburn from Baha'i, Joyce Rios, Kyle Richmond Maria Cavicchio, Mike Mack and Teressa McDonald.

The meeting began at 6:30 PM

Jim facilitated the meeting. Nick kept the minutes.


TREASURER'S REPORT: $1527.92 in our account. 380.72 membership;771.95 newsletter; 245.25 sign; 130. web.

CONTACT REPORT: Numerous documents shared, including brief discussion about the upcoming neighborhood summit and how the city will soon be reevaluating the Bay Creek area.

NEWSLETTER: Exciting staffing news was shared. All positions are now filled, including Chris Wagner as the new copy editor, Cyndi Bryan as the new ad coordinator, Jim Winkle as the new distributor and there are even extra delivery people in waiting! 9/8 is next deadline. The Association also learned of the retirement of Pam Gates as copy editor - and thanked her for exemplory work. She will receive formal recognition next month.


Discussion about Bernie's Beach & neighborhood safety started the meeting - with Alder Sloan bringing city perspective on their efforts. It was determined to invite the South Side Police to the Oct or Nov meeting - since there are new officers at our district. Nick will arrange this.

Discussion from July about upkeep of property was revisited. It was considered that the BCNA have letters on hand for neighbors to send to households not keeping property in accordance with beautification ordinances and the spirit of the neighborhood. Conversation was spirited - this issue will be revisited in future months.

Pam Gates, recently resigned copy editor of the Bay Creek Newletter, will receive a certificate of appreciation from the association in September. Nick will arrange creating the certificate.

The lack of care for many properties around bus stops on Park Street was discussed - specifically, the bus stop by the card shop is often cluttered with cigarette butts and trash. It was mentioned how the city once maintained trash cans, but removed them. Maria mentioned she would like to see a nice bench at this stop - and Matt Sloan suggested using community enhancement funds from the city to split the costs. Maria and Nick will look into some details of putting a bench at this location.

Matt Sloan gave an update on neighborhood projects. Wingra Creek bridge is being postponed until January due to the water level too high for construction work. Park Street businesses: Octopus CarWash upgrading its facility and enclosing parts of it to reduce neighborhood noise; Dental clinic expanding; LaHacienda will demolish old dry cleaner and build a parking lot and possible future outdoor dining; LaHacienda might open a Mexican bakery where SuperToms Pizza once stood; Franklin Field city buildings might be rebuilt in the next few years - for it is included in the Mayors future budget.

Next meeting facilitator: Candace

Meeting adjourned: 7:30

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