Bay Creek Neighborhood Association

BCNA Meeting Minutes

June 12, 2000

Officers Present: Nick Glass, Candace Pantoga, Charlene Sexton, Amy Turner, Jim Winkle (1 additional officer not wanting to be mentioned on the web.)

Guests Present: Andrew Morgan, Bob Lockhart, Bob Stoffs, Bonnie Schmidt, Diane from EcoTeams, Gary & Judy from Baha'i, Mr & Mrs. Carpenter, Steve Davis, Teressa McDonald,

The meeting began at 6:36 PM

Nick facilitated the meeting. Nick kept the minutes.


TREASURER'S REPORT: $2,138.60 in our account. 368.72 membership;1,394.63 newsletter; 245.25 sign; 130. web.

CONTACT REPORT: Numerous documents shared, including brief discussion on how the city will soon be reevaluating the Bay Creek area, along with other south/central neighborhoods.

NEWSLETTER: Next deadline is 7/14. We now have deliverers, but need a distributor and an ad contact. Discussion followed about finding a new ad contact, willing to commit an hour. It was mentioned maybe the BCNA should threaten to stop the newletter unless we get a new ad contact. Energized discussion continued, without any new ad contact. Discussion must continue next month. In the meantime, Nick agreeed to be the distributor around 8/1.

WEB: Jim began a stimulating discussion by proposing minutes be put on the web. This led to a discussion about privacy. A 10/3 vote passed Jim's motion, with the 3 opposing votes because of privacy issues.

SIGN: The city paid the sign company and all is settled.


This is our first meeting at the Baha'i center.

We officially recognized the efforts of the Romnes Apartment Association and thanked them for hosting us during the past few years.

Eco-teams are coming into our neighborhood - now that we have about 8 families interested in working to create a more sustainable life style A meeting of these families followed the BCNA meeting.

Neighborhood Garage Sale is set fr 9/9, and St. Marks Rummage Sale will correspond.

Discussion about rude and threatening behavior at Bernie's beach, with people deciding to call the police directly and ask them to patrol the beach area more often. We also decided to review this situation next month.

Andrew Morgan mentioned the basketball court situation, and asked the BCNA to help facilitate a meeting with the church so that he and the St. Marks church council can agree on a policy which encourages use of the basketball court but doesn't infringe on the life of the court's neighbors. Nick Glass agreed to write the church to initiate a meeting.

Jim mentioned the Wingra Creek cleanup scheduled for this Saturday.

Next meeting facilitator: Candace

Meeting adjourned: 7:43

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