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About Your Home
    All about your home and garden 
US Consumer Information Center     Federal consumer information publication on many topics
August Home       publishes magazines for home woodworkers and home gardeners, for people who love to cook, and for those who enjoy maintaining and improving their homes.

About Your Garden
Gardening Home Page
   Gardening features and links from the Mining Company
GardenWeb  A virtual library of gardening sites on the Web
The Gardening Launch Pad    Hundreds of gardening links
Gardening Links from the Digital Librarian

Crock Pot Recipes    Dust off your crock pot and check out some of these meals
Now You're Cooking   Cooking tips, info and thousands of recipes
A Cajun Family's Recipe Collection  Online Cajun cookbook
Lars' Collection of Recipe Links    A huge collection of recipe links
Recipes Archive      A collection of recipes primarily from the newsgroup rec.food.recipes
Mama's Cookbook   Lotsa quick Italian style recipes from (and featuring) Ragu sauces from Lipton, Inc.

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